December 3, 2010


at this moment I feel so down,frust,upset,not happy & sewaktu dgnnye..not because I x dpt blackberry or Iphone 4 ye..but something else..huhu..this about my weding OP..yes we already book him yesterday (takut fully book kan) but at this moment we only confirm for the basic package..HE offer us another package & I agreed (confirm aku yg terlebih excited if bersangkut dgn PHOTO) but mr.BF not happy with that..he said:"syg this is out of our budget.just think about it"..oh gosh..because of that I x boleh tido ok..still thinking..yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes..huhu..Sesungguh nye aku kene belajar mendengar kate coz soon or later he will be my husband..hohoho..

pssttt nat kate--->hopefully mr.BF will agreed..huhu

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